By Goldiie homes limited amounts of handcrafted jewellery, made in the Netherlands with a Caribbean touch.


The rich cultures of both of Goldiie’s home islands’ have inspired her all her life. Because next to the home of blue oceans, perfect diving waters and pure serenity Bonaire is also the birthplace of Goldiie. And while Curacao is famous for its sandy beaches, and saucy people. It's also Goldiie’s mother island. From the papiamentu language, to the vivid colours until the textured wildlife: Curacao and Bonaire make Goldiie What she is today. 


In the year of crop tops, thick brows and chokers aka. 2017, Goldiie’s inspiration reached a peak. That is the year Goldiie translated her inspiration into a brand. Till this day every item is a translation of Goldiie’s inspiration, for the bad ass that can cherish unique pieces, likes to dress up and likes to get down. You might be a professional, maybe a royal, you can even be the girl next door: Goldiie is here to remind you to appreciate, love and care for the little things in life.